There is no doubt that DMV  is one of the busiest and slowest government facility in United States. While United States has the biggest country in the world in terms of economy, military and so on, people really wonder “Why is DMV so slow”? DMV’s cumbersome structure is  so notorious that even in some animation movies; DMV staff is pictured as “Sloths”.

DMV is also notorious for its never ending lines outside of the DMV buildings. Ever one who lives in United States probably stood up in these long queues at least once. Needless to say that is a different type of government torture…

Why is DMV so slow


Why is DMV so slow?

There are several reasons for that. Here is a list of main reasons:

Most people prefer to visit DMV instead of doing online.

This is one of the reasons why DMV offices are so busy and why is DMV so slow. While you can do many things online or by phone, some people to prefer to visit the office to be on safe side. But who can blame them? DMV’s official website is really to complex and not user friendly. You have to be an expert to find what you are looking for. They might heard the complaints, recently they have updated DMV website.

why is dmv so slow

New look of DMV Website

They even to start put some info-graphic for people who wants to get Real-ID. Check this one.

Despite these efforts, website is still confusing after a second click. They have to update internal pages too. A cosmetic change on the main landing page is not enough. Maybe they have to allocate some money for marketing so that they can inform elderly people not to visit DMV office.

People often bring missing documents

Why is DMV so slow

You can see document lists in every corner of DMV offices

This is one of the other reasons why is DMV so slow. But who can blame people who bring wrong documents or wrong information. It is really find a proper information on DMV website even though you are an website expert. After waiting long hours in the lines, because of missing document, people can’t complete their application. DMV can find a solution to check people’s document while they are on the line. So if something is missing, people shouldn’t wait in the line for nothing.

Most offices do not have enough staff

Why is DMV so slow

Why is DMV so slow? Because many offices lack the personnel to quickly and efficiently handle large crowds. Is this DMV’s fault or governments fault? There are elder people in the lines standing all day long. No one in the government ever see this scene. Or many counters are empty because maybe somebody is taking a vacation or calling in sick. Solution is to hire more people. What is the government doing with taxes?

People who use DMV services increase every year

In most states, the majority of adults are licensed to drive and between new licenses, renewals, replacement licenses and testing nearly every adult in any given state goes through their office at least once every few years. In some cases people go to the offices every year.

DMV staff is not friendly enough

Again who can blame them? This is a crappy job. Most of government jobs are low paying, high stress and have no promotion prospects. Also they give poor service because there is nothing to pressure them to give good service. Private sector salaries are much higher than government jobs. DMV can’t afford to hire talented people and can’t compete private sector. Maybe government should privatize DMV offices. Why not?