Everyday in the roads, tons of collisions, car crashes, accidents happen. There are many reasons of these accidents but one of them is on top of the agenda. It is called “Human error”.  That is why “Defensive Driving” is crucial. As we humans, often neglect to rules, ignore laws and other drivers and do not improve ourselves to be better drivers.

Interesting fact about Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving

Recently a survey made by UK based newspaper Telegraph. Results are not surprising maybe but can explain why human error is a big factor in traffic accidents.  According to the Survey;  % 79 of people claim to be safe drivers and ascertain that they do their best to follow all rules of the road. But no matter how confident you are in your driving skills, you’re never far from risk.

So here is a simple test to understand whether you are really good at defensive driving or not. If you say yes to all of those questions below, you can consider yourself as a defensive driver.

Do you trust other drivers too much?

There is saying “Never trust anyone, even this person is your father.” I don’t know who said this first but it has some truth in it, especially when it comes to traffic. One of the common mistakes that drivers do is to trust other drivers. . This leads to one of the most common mistakes drivers tend to make. For example, if the other driver flashes with their headlamps at you and implying that the road is safe to proceed, you shouldn’t trust this signal. Because you never know what does this mean actually. It may mean “I am here” or “^Come on through”. So better be cautious!

Are you observing your surroundings?


Your answer should be a strong “YES”. Defensive driving is all about being observant, anticipating problems and planning ahead.  It is not only checking your side mirrors, it is expecting something bad may happen at the road.

Are you aware of indicators

Just because the car in front of you is indicating left, doesn’t mean it will actually turn. Or while you are driving in the fog, you can’t trust the car in front of you because the driver has the same limited view like you. Wait and see whether the driver will make a left turn or just stop.

Do you create a safety bubble for defensive driving?

For a good defensive driving, you should always keep enough space for surprises, so that you can easily make your move when the accidents come to you. Always remember that however hard you are concentrating on the road, the person coming towards you might be messing with their phone, fiddling with the car stereo or just generally distracted. You can never be sure they’re going to do the right or safest thing.

Are you pulling over in case of doubt?

Never compare yourself to other drivers. This also means never race with others. Someone behind you may drive like a formula 1 driver. This means he is either a maniac or a real formula 1 driver. So it is better to play it safe and avoid putting yourself in a dangerous position.

Are you tailgating?

The simple answer for a good defensive driving; DON’T TAILGATE. To be patient while driving may extend your lifespan. So when you tailgate, you are taking many risks including a fatal injury.

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