Do you know how to obtain car accident report in California? Here are some tips and tricks:

If you involve in a car accident in California, first thing to do is to report DMVCalifornia. But before informing DMV, there are some conditions:

  1. Property damage in each of cars must be higher than 1.000 USD ( This limit was 750 USD before but has changed after January 1, 2017)
  2. If anyone was injured in this car accident including minors
  3. If someone killed in the accident.
  4. none of the above, you don’t need to inform DMV

Car Accident Report

car accident report

Make a report to DMV within ten days. You should remember that each driver must make a report separately. It doesn’t matter whether you caused the collision or not.

You have to send the report to the address below. You can find the address on the Traffic Accident Report.

Department of Motor Vehicles
P.O. Box 942884
Sacramento, CA 94824-0884

  • Traffic Accident Report (SR 1) PDF

What else you should do?

Do not panic and leave the scene without exchanging your name, address and VIN number with the other driver that involved the accident. Better you take a photo of the accident scene and be careful not to block the traffic. You can move your car after you take the pictures. If you can’t move it by yourself, you can call a tow truck.

Better you take a copy of car accident report that we gave the link above and keep it in your car.

What if you hit a car, parked in the street? Do you need car accident report as well?

If you hit a car, truck, or another vehicle that is parked with no one in it, you must inform the owner. Leave a note with your name, address, and license plate and report the accident to local police, sheriff, or California highway patrol.