DUI which stands for Driving Under Influence is one of the common reason that may lead to lose your Driving License, more importantly the consequences might be harsher. If you get caught while Driving Under Influence, you can involve a car crash that may cause death or fatal injuries. Also you can be jailed up to 1 year at least. So it is important to know DUI California Limits.

DUI California Limits

It is completely illegal to drive with a Blood Alcohol Content of 0.08% or more in California. This limits vary for commercial drivers and drivers under 21 years old. If you are a commercial driver, limit is 0.04% and for drivers under 21, it is 0.01% only. If you live in California and you are not sure about the DUI limits, here is a table.

DUI California Limits

DUI California LimitsThe table shows how alcohol effects drivers, based on gender and weight. Other than gender and weight, number and strength of drinks, the time period that you take the drink or certain medical conditions may affect the body. To be on the safe side, it is better not to drive a car even if you think that you drink in safe limits.

DUI California Penalties

In California, the penalties for DUI may vary due to your prior convictions. But most importantly, if you get a penalty because of DUI conviction, this record will count for ten years. If you wonder, what type of penalty that you may face check out the table below:

DUI California Limits

If you get caught by police officers, because of California’s implied consent law, you have to take a Blood Alcohol test. This may be either a blood or a breath test. You have discretion to choose any of them. If you refuse testing, you may face a license suspension but also you have to pay $125 fine.