Online Traffic School

Online Traffic School have an important role if you get a traffic ticket. Depending on the tickets you receive, you’ll be given two options:

  1. Pay the citation instead of attending traffic school
  2. Choose to attend a traffic school

To attend a traffic school, you have to submit your traffic school amount which includes the ball amount and traffic school fee. If you successfully complete the traffic school, auto insurance companies will not see your ticket. Also it will keep your “points” from showing up on your DMV record. If you get points on your record, your insurance company may ask you to pay more for insurance. So to go to a Traffic School or taking an Online Traffic School course is a good idea to avoid certain negative outcomes.

Online Traffic School

Online traffic school fees vary from $ 15 to $ 40 and it is easy to complete a course successfully. Here is a typical example of online school fees:

online traffic school

Here is a list of “Online Traffic Schools” that were approved by DMV: