New Cars

Before you run out and buy a car you should be prepared. In this case being prepared means finding the right car for you and doing the research to make sure you pay absolute lowest price. Let’s deal with price first.

Today there is no excuse for walking into a car dealer without the dealer cost. Dealer cost is what a car dealer really pays for the car. There are several websites that specialize in helping you Get s FREE new car price quote in minutes.

Below we have provided a few of the companies that will give you a detailed explanation of how car pricing works and help you find the car you want at the lowest possible price.

Online Car Shopping Sites

Find the new or used car you want on You may have a car you need to sell before you can buy that new car.

Most of these online resources will help you research the car you want. You can select the manufacturer, model and specify the options that meet your requirements. In most cases these online car sites include both new cars and used cars.

Many car manufacturers now have certified pre-owned car programs. Buying a certified pre-owned car gives you the comfort of a warranty (in most cases) and provides excellent savings. New cars typically lose 60% of their value in the first four (4) years.

Car Loans Online

Getting a car loan is much easier today with many companies advertising Any Credit Auto Loans and if your financial situation is solid then having a car payment will not be problem. Just make sure your payment is not more than 20% of your monthly take home pay.

Finding the Right Car for Your Needs

The most important first step is to determine what’s important to you. Here are some topics you should consider.

Car Size

The size of the car is the first priority: How many people will you be transporting? Will you need to transport cargo often?

Be sure to get a car that has the size you need, not too much or too little.

Gas Mileage

Do you commute long distances? Are you on a tight budget? If you have a long commute, are on a tight budget, or are just environmentally concerned then evaluate gas mileage. Take a few minutes to write down how much gas you will be using monthly and the cost based on today’s gas prices.

Safety Features

Safety should be a consideration in all car purchases. Most newer cars include safety features such as anti lock brakes (ABS), and air bags. You can also see how a car performs in crash tests on the NHTSA (national highway transportation safety administration) website.