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Driving Tests

Driving Performance Evaluation Score Explained

Driving Performance Evaluation Score Explained: Here is what you need to know before taking the driving test. The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) uses a driving evaluation system to measure your ability as a driver and assign you a score. This is done through the use of two components, a pre-driving check list and […]

10 Most Important Roadway Signs You Must Know

When you’re driving, it’s important to pay attention to the signs on the side of the road. Roadway signs can warn drivers about potential hazards or provide information that will help with navigation. The following bullet points have pictures and meanings for 10 types of roadway signs: stop sign, yield sign, no parking sign, speed […]

8 California Driving Test Tips That Will Guarantee Success

California driving test tips are important. Because a California driving test can be intimidating. It’s no surprise that many people fail the first time they take it! With all of the rules and regulations, it is easy to forget some key points. California Driving Test Tips I’ve been driving for years and have taken my […]

14 Tips for Passing Behind-The-Wheel Test in California

One of the first steps in getting your driver’s license is passing the behind-the-wheel test if you’re new to driving. California has strict requirements for learner’s permits and tests that determine who can operate a motor vehicle on public roads. To help make sure you pass, we’ve compiled 12 tips to make your behind-the-wheel exam […]

The Secret DMV Driving Test Tips That No One Tells You

Driving Test Tips are crucial and very important but when you ask a friend or go online, you can get many advice from your friend or you can find many blogs, websites or wikis that tell you how to test DMV Driving Test in your first attempt. But most of these tips or information are […]

Laguna Hills DMV Driving Test

The DMV driving test route is a major concern for many people who are looking to pass their driver’s license exam. Most people have very little experience in the car and must learn how to drive on the road with other cars, pedestrians, cyclists, etc. This blog post will help you prepare for your DMV […]

Driving Performance Evaluation Score Sheet

Driving Performance Evaluation Score Sheet is very essential document. As you know, the driving test is a nerve-wracking experience. You may feel like you’re about to throw up, and your hands are sweating so much that the steering wheel feels slippery in your grip. The examiner will be asking you questions while they monitor your […]

12 important tips to buy used cars

How to choose a user car before buying it? Which points are important to buy used cars? In the United States, every around 45 million used cars exchange hands. This is an enormous number. If you don’t know how to choose your new but used car, have a look at these important tips. How much […]

DMV Turkish Test

In order to get California Driver’s License, you have to pass the DMV written test. You can take this test in different languages. This is DMV Turkish Test. The questions are derived from actual Turkish paper tests in previous DMV tests.  

DMV Behind The Wheel Test Scoring Criteria

You must prepare DMV Behind The Wheel Test.  Before you begin your driving test, the DMV examiner will ask you to show some vehicle and driver safety items. If an item listed in the checklist on your vehicle doesn’t pass the requirements, your test will be rescheduled again. Some items even may make your driving […]