The DMV driving test route is a major concern for many people who are looking to pass their driver’s license exam. Most people have very little experience in the car and must learn how to drive on the road with other cars, pedestrians, cyclists, etc. This blog post will help you prepare for your DMV driving test by guiding you through the steps of taking it and answering some common questions about what to expect when going into the testing center. Read more here!

Laguna Hills DMV Driving Test route starts in front of the DMV office in Laguna Hills. The driving test lasts around 15 to 20 minutes, according to traffic conditions. In this article, I’ll give some tips and advice on how to pass your Laguna Hills DMV Driving Test without making any critical errors. Here is the map that shows the route.

laguna hills dmv driving test
Laguna Hills DMV Driving Test Route

Practice the route before actual Laguna Hills DMV Driving Test

As shown in the map, your examiner will start your first after the Pre-Drive Checklist that occurs in front of the DMV lot.

After this first control, the examiner will get on the car with you and you are ready to go. But before going with the examiner, it is a good idea to cruise on this test route few times to better understand the road conditions, the speed limits, and the traffic lights. If you are familiar with the test route, it will be easier to pass the driving test. Otherwise, you may be surprised and forget what to do when the examiner tells you to do something.

Some tips and advice

If you tour the route a few times, not only you’ll get familiar with the environment, but also you’ll learn about possible road hazards as well. In this route particular route, the speed limit for main roads such as Moulton Pkwy, the speed limit is 45 miles per hour. But when you turn to Santa Vittoria Dr, it is going to be 30 mph.

Laguna Hills DMV Driving Test

Also in Mill Creek Dr, while the speed limit is 30 mph, there is a school (New Vista School) at the end road and the speed limits drop to 25 mph. So don’t forget to slow down when you see the school sign.

Laguna Hills DMV Driving Test

There is also a right turn before you finish your route at the intersection of Lake Forest Dr and Moulton Pkwy. At the intersection, there is no specific light to turn right. You can turn on red but beware of the left-hand side of this road while the cars are coming. There is a sharp curve and it can force you to make a mistake if you think that the road is empty and you turn right. So be careful when you return right and be %100 sure that your left-hand side is completely empty.

Laguna Hills DMV Driving Test route is not that difficult if you drive carefully. When you change lanes, don’t use only your right and left mirrors but also turn your head to your left for blind points. The examiners will check whether you use your head or not.