Drivers License By State

State Drivers Licenses in the United States have different designs and aesthetics. We’ll look at each state’s driver’s licenses and how they adapt the new REAL-ID regulation.

Now let’s find out the most beautiful driver’s license in the United States. You decide which card has the best design and drop a comment below. Here is the driver’s license by the state.

Alabama Driver’s License

Alabama State does not have a single website for driver’s license-related issues. So you have to apply to different government bodies for different driver’s license needs. In this state, there are these new STAR ID cards which indeed have the same functions as REAL-ID in California. Anyway, here is how Alabama’s driver’s license look. Don’t forget to rate it.

Alabama State Driver License

Alaska Driver’s License

Alaska is one single, a special destination in the United States with breathtaking landscapes. This cold state is considered America’s last frontier. In this state, there is not a dedicated Department of Motor Vehicles website. The Division of Motor Vehicles department is operating under the Department of Administration. Here is how Alaska Driver’s License looks like. This new DL has a star on it that marks that it is compatible with Real-ID requirements.

Arizona Driver’s License

In Arizona, the name of the department that deals with driver’s licenses is Arizona Motor Vehicle Services. It doesn’t have a dedicated website. The Motor Vehicle Services operate under the Arizona Department of Transportation. The design of this card resembles California REAL-ID. The yellow star on the top right corner indicates the REAL-ID feature.

Arkansas Driver’s License

Arkansas does also not have a dedicated website for driver license-related issues. But there is a sub-page under the website which is It is called DMV just like in California and here how DL looks like. Arkansas’s REAL-ID compliant Driver’s license has a yellow star on the right top corner of the card just like many other DLs.

Arkansas Driver's License Real ID

What is REAL ID?

Arkansas is taking part in the federal nationwide initiative to improve the security of state-issued driver’s licenses and identification cards, which will help fight terrorism and reduce identity fraud. On October 1, 2021, anyone who boards a domestic flight or enters a federal building will either need a REAL ID driver’s license (DL) or Identification Card (ID) or will need to provide a regular identification and additional accepted forms of identification.

Source: Arkansas Department of Finance & Administration

California Driver’s License

California is one of the earliest states that enforced REAL-ID requirements. In California, Department of Motor Vehicles has its own department and website. But this doesn’t mean that DMV California is rather faster than other DMV’s in the United States. Anyway, the new California DL is REAL-ID complaint. There are some minor differences in the new design as you can see below.

Colorado Driver’s License

Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV for short) is operating under the Colorado Department of Revenue. It doesn’t have a particular website. But you can apply for DL by using the web address. Design-wise it doesn’t look the best but it has a REAL-ID star on it.

Connecticut Driver’s License

Like most states, Connecticut also doesn’t have a single website for DMV. The website is operating under the state’s main website. But the good thing you can do many things online like renewing your license etc. If you want detailed information about the new REAL-ID regulation, just download this PDF from the state’s official website. You can see the differences between regular DL and REAL-ID on below.

State Driver's License and Real ID version
Connecticut Driver License and Real-ID version

Delaware Driver’s License

As you can see, state drivers licenses pictures are somehow similar but keep reading. There are really very interesting state driver’s licenses that you won’t believe to exist.

Florida Driver’s License

When we look at the pictures of drivers licenses by state, you’ll notice the star on the right or left top the cards. This is the REAL-ID version of the driver licenses. Most state just put a star to differentiate regular cards from REAL-ID ones. Of course, no one will wear a mask while taking DL photo. This fake photo below just shows how COVID changed our life.

florida state drivers licenses
Florida state drivers licenses

Georgia Driver’s License

Georgia Driver License

Hawaii Driver’s License

Hawaii Driver's License

Idaho Driver’s License

Idaho Driver's License

Illinois Driver’s License

state of illinois drivers licenses
State of Illinois Driver’s License

Indiana Driver’s License

Iowa Driver’s License

Kansas Driver’s License

Kentucky Driver’s License

Kentucky state drivers licenses

Louisiana Driver’s License

Louisiana state drivers licenses

Maine Driver’s License

Maine state drivers licenses

Maryland Driver’s License

Maryland state drivers licenses

Massachusetts Driver’s License

Michigan Driver’s License

Minnesota Driver’s License

Mississippi Driver’s License

Missouri Driver’s License

Montana Driver’s License

Nebraska Driver’s License

Nevada Driver’s License

New Hampshire Driver’s License

New Jersey Driver’s License

New Mexico Driver’s License

New York Driver’s License

ny state drivers licenses
NY State Driver Licenses

North Carolina Driver’s License

North Dakota Driver’s License

Ohio Driver’s License

Oklahoma Driver’s License

state drivers licenses

Oregon Driver’s License

state drivers licenses

Pennsylvania Driver’s License

state drivers licenses

Rhode Island Driver’s License

state drivers licenses

South Carolina Driver’s License

state drivers licenses

South Dakota Driver’s License

state drivers licenses

Tennessee Driver’s License

Tennessee state drivers licenses

Texas Driver’s License

state of texas drivers licenses

Utah Driver’s License

Utah state drivers licenses

Vermont Driver’s License

state drivers licenses

Virginia Driver’s License

state drivers licenses

Washington Driver’s License

wa state drivers licenses
WA State Driver Licenses

West Virginia Driver’s License

Wisconsin Driver’s License

Wyoming Driver’s License

state drivers licenses

Washington D.C. Driver’s License

state drivers licenses

…and Bonus:

Puerto Rico Driver’s License

If you read thus far, you should have decided which state driver’s license design is the most beautiful one.

In the United States, each state has its own driver’s license. You may think that there are 50 different driver’s licenses in the US. But some territories and also special districts like Washington D.C. can issue their own driver’s license.

While the US has a federal governing system, there is not a central driver’s license issue system. So in each state, you have to apply for driver’s license. This means that if you move from a state to another, you have to apply for a new license.

You can check these links to access each DMV websites in the United States:

AlabamaIndianaNebraskaRhode Island
AlaskaIowaNevadaSouth Carolina
ArizonaKansasNew HampshireSouth Dakota
ArkansasKentuckyNew JerseyTennessee
CaliforniaLouisanaNew MexicoTexas
ColoradoMaineNew YorkUtah
ConnecticutMarylandNorth CarolinaVermont
DelawareMassachusettsNorth DakotaVirginia
GeorgiaMinnesotaOklahomaWest Virginia
IllinoisMontanaWashington D.C.

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